Muledeer Stlak/Stand Hunt

Muledeer Stalk / Stand Hunt

Southeastern Alberta is home to our terrific muledeer population.

Along the South Saskatchewan River is where our bowhunt camp is based which provides access to the coulees inhabited by the muledeer. Many Alberta Trophy Muledeer Bucks spend their days bedded in the sparse coulees waiting to feed in adjacent fields.

The sparse cover gives the bowhunter the opportunity for a patient stalk or a ground blind intercepting the muledeer bucks moving to or from their feeding areas.

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Hunt Muledeer Stalk / Stand Hunt
Hunting Area Medicine Hat - WMU 124 - southeast Alberta - South Saskatchewan River coulees
Hunting Technique Spot and Stalk / Blind hunting
Personnel Hunters in camp - 2
Guides in camp - 1
Accommodation Motel Accommodations
Transportation Truck - Medicine Hat to hunting area - 1/2 hour drive  or
Truck - to hunt areas daily

Date - Mid-October
Bow only season
Hunt price - see schedule
License - $400
Motel - $75 (x 2 nights)
All expenses included (except gratuities) and are in U.S. funds


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