The Silence Game

There are two types of whitetail bowhunters: those who consistently get close to mature whitetails, and those who don’t. It’s that simple.

Tactics vary from hunter to hunter and place to place, but one thing remains the same for all successful bowhunters, and that’s the fact that their gear is absolutely silent. Silence isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity when it comes to bowhunting experienced whitetails. Too many noisy bowhunters mistakenly believe they are in the game hunt after hunt and year after year.

The beauty of the mature wild whitetail game is that it’s absolutely unforgiving. I’ve been blessed to have spent decades (almost five now, and most of it guiding) pursuing mature wild whitetails, and I’ve learned year after year how unforgiving these amazing animals are. When I started this quest almost half a century ago, I deliberately chose an animal that would keep me challenged many years later. The intellect and survival instinct of the mature whitetail does exactly that. Decades later they still make me look foolish here and there, as they should. These well-tuned deer bring emphasis to the point that there are two types of bowhunters: those that are silent, and those that are not…

The Silence Game
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